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Fermly and Goldspot Brewing Co. "Spill the Tea" for Big Queer Beerfest

Goldspot Brewing Co. in Denver, CO has headed the charge for years in the queer community by not only increasing awareness but raising money for multiple LGBTQIA+ nonprofits year-round. These efforts are best seen in the creation and execution with Lady Justice Brewing Company in Big Queer Beerfest, now in its second year. Lanie Novack, taproom & events manager of Goldspot Brewing, said, “The support for last year’s festival blew us all out of the water. No, really. I cried. It felt like a giant, gay house party with really good beer.”

Fermly has always been a supporter of Goldspot and their mission. Last year, they collabed on a hazy IPA with guanabana (otherwise known as soursop) called “Guanabana Be My Lover” and gave a $1 for every pint to Queer Asterisk, which provides queer and trans therapeutic services, community programs, and education. Following attending the inaugural Big Queer Beerfest, Emily Wang, founder and lab overlord at Fermly, was overjoyed at the opportunity to sponsor and collaborate on another fermented beverage. “As another queer and woman-owned company, we were thrilled to be asked to sponsor an event that gives so much back to the community. Last year’s event showed the incredible strength, love, and support that flows through this world even when we still have to fight for equality and inclusion.”

“Spill the Tea,” inspired by a slang form of intimate communication, is a hard tea made with the Tea Spot’s Hibiscus Petals. This vibrantly rubescent beverage has a tartness reminiscent of cranberries that fits perfectly with the seltzer base. Not only is this hard tea delicious and refreshing for what will be a typical sunny, 90 degree Colorado day, 20% of sales from this beverage will be going to TransTech Social Enterprises, an incubator for the queer community to empower trans, lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer people, and allies with practical, career-ready skills.

“Making a beer for this event is really putting yourself out there” says Kelissa Heiber, owner and head brewer of Goldspot Brewing, “it shows that you are not just being performative, but determined to be part of real, sustainable change.”

“Spill the Tea” will be available at Big Queer Beerfest this Saturday, June 18th, at Townhall Collaborative in the Santa Fe Arts District of Denver, CO as well as the Goldspot Brewing’s taproom.


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