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The 5th Ingredient® and Fermly® Announce Partnership That Brings Data Management and QA/QC to Breweries on A Unified Platform

Fermly Know Your Craft
The 5th Ingredient

Brewery management system Beer30® will now offer customers real-time QA/QC data from Fermly®, offering enhanced consistency for brewers

Denver, Colorado – September 9, 2021 – The 5th Ingredient®, a leading brewery operations management software company, and Fermly®, an innovative craft beverage testing laboratory at the intersection of knowledge and technology, announced today a new partnership that brings Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) certified testing data into a single data management platform.


The partnership illustrates The 5th Ingredient and Fermly’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of efficiency in brewing. Integration of the platforms allows breweries to have access to both data platforms at once, giving an edge to brewing, production, and quality at the same time. Users will be able to track everything, from grain to glass, with perfectly synced measurements from ABV to attenuation and trusted testing by a TTB-certified chemist-owned laboratory.


“When looking at ways to provide more value for breweries and beverage manufacturers, our first thought went to developing a brewery management system and growing our existing QA/QC data platform,” says Danny Wang, Co-Founder and Information Architect of Fermly. "We came across Beer30 and realized The 5th Ingredient had developed what we had in mind all along—a brewery management system that caters to the way breweries work and think. A partnership naturally made sense, and we are thrilled to be able to offer a more streamlined approach to TBB certified QA/QC. This integration brings together two companies and two platforms with complementary capabilities that will better serve brewers across the country.”


By providing a real-time stream of data from the Fermly lab platform, brewers and owners at a brewery can compare operator data against lab instruments. The lab metrics provided by Fermly tie in with state and federal ABV compliance, helping ensure that each batch of a registered brand is consistent. Using Beer30 to compare these data points across multiple batches of the same beer brand allows breweries to continuously fine-tune their processes.


“Lab control and quality metrics are just as important as cost tracking and inventory management,” said Pulkit K. Agrawal, founder and CEO of The 5th Ingredient. “With this new integration of Beer30® and a TTB-certified lab, we continue to innovate the offerings that a brewery data management software should provide to all brewery customers.


In promotion of the 2021 Craft Brewer’s Conference, for breweries that use both Beer30 and Fermly services, Fermly will be returning to the original launch price of $200 for 4 full production tests with complimentary TTB-certification upon request and Beer30 will be offering free Fermly data result integration for the first 3 months for customers.


This integration is available immediately to Fermly and Beer30 users and there are limited-time discounts available for new licenses of each product. For more information, visit or

About Fermly®

Fermly is an independent quality lab designed by brewers, for brewers, complete with a data platform for tracking information from batch to batch. Launched in Denver by former craft brewery owner Danny Wang and TTB-certified chemist Emily Wang, Fermly serves brewing companies of all sizes across the country who need and value QA/QC with customized lab services, an innovative subscription approach to lab work, and data privacy protection. Fermly know your craft. Visit to learn more.

About The 5th Ingredient®

The 5th Ingredient is on a mission to help breweries improve beer quality and consistency. Their products help breweries collect and utilize their data for proactive, predictive, process improvement. Their flagship product is Beer30, a proprietary Software-as-a-Service, launched in January 2018, and allows breweries to track data from grain-to-glass.


The 5th Ingredient® and Beer30® are the registered trademarks of The 5th Ingredient, Inc.


Fermly® is the registered trademark of Fermly, LLC.

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