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At Fermly, we believe in the spirit of collaboration. Communities are built by people working together to solve the problems around them. We are proud to showcase our industry partnerships through technology integrations and working relationships.

Fermly Know Your Craft
The 5th Ingredient

We are excited to announce a new partnership that brings Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) certified testing data into a single data management platform in partnership with The 5th IngredientⓇ, a leading brewery operations management software company.

The partnership illustrates The 5th Ingredient and Fermly’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of efficiency in brewing. Integration of the platforms allows breweries to have access to both data platforms at once, giving an edge to brewing, production, and quality at the same time. Users will be able to track everything, from grain to glass, with perfectly synced measurements from ABV to attenuation and trusted testing by a TTB-certified chemist-owned laboratory.



Ready to ditch the old-school methods of paper logs, whiteboards, and spreadsheets? Tired of trying to juggle multiple software systems to find a single solution that fits your process? Do other brewery software systems feel more like they were built for accountants rather than the brewer?


You need to talk to us!


The 5th Ingredient develops all-in-one brewery management systems that makes it easy to use your data for real-time process improvement.


Reach out for a free software demo and see how to #BrewMoreBeer and #BrewBetterBeer with #Beer30 or #BrewMoreBucha and #BrewBetterBucha with #Bucha30.

Beer30 by the 5th Ingredient
Beer30 by the 5th Ingredient
  • Track all process data to ensure full traceability from grain-to-glass.

  • Understand the COGS behind each batch and better analyze your profit margins.

  • Perform sensory and VDK analysis on a daily basis, along with many other quality checkpoints.

  • ... and more!


  • Brew into the same mother tanks and track fermentation profiles over months and years.

  • Understand the way your SCOBY health is doing as you harvest and repitch into new brews.

  • Track inventory for base sugars and teas, hops, and flavored tea adjuncts.

  • ... and more!

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