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Quality Is Your
Secret Ingredient

Fermly Know Your Craft!

Built with craft brewers in mind, we built our own data portal for cloud access to your trusted QA/QC data. Everything from scheduling a test to knowing your test results are at your fingertips 24x7.


We know every brewery is different, and you want to know specific data about your beers. We set ourselves apart from traditional lab services with a simple to understand monthly subscription and affordable pricing that makes sense for small brewers.


With subscription boxes sent monthly to your doorstep, we take the pain out of mailing out samples. Everything is included in the box, just fill the sample jars, seal, and have the box picked up. You just ran out of excuses for not doing QA/QC at your brewery.


How It Works

Beverage testing equipment for metrics like density, dissolved oxygen, alcohol, bitterness, pH, and more!
Anton Paar density and alcohol meters.


Why worry about finding ways to get samples to a testing lab? Our hassle-free subscription box makes your life easy. Fill up the sample jars, seal the box up with the included prepaid shipping label and arrange for pick up. You receive testing results on the Fermly Portal within 24-48 hours after it gets to us.

Anton Paar CBox for dissolved oxygen testing.
Pall GeneDisc for qPCR analysis of beverage spoilers like yeast and bacteria.

Production Suite

Our Production Suite is the building block of QA/QC. With an innovative subscription approach to lab work, we help you take the guesswork out of maintaining constancy and quality. You keep track of all testing results on the Fermly Portal for on demand access to accurate statistics. Production Suite metrics are built to help you start understanding and implementing a trusted QA/QC program in the brewery.

Subscription box for easy mailing of samples!


Why shouldn't every brewery have access to quality QA/QC? We designed a laboratory that would make most regional breweries jealous. Fermly is owned by a TTB certified chemist to help with your exportation needs. From 200 BBLs to 15,000 BBLs/year, our family of breweries trust our services.

How it works

(Some Of) Our Quality Community

Bierstadt Lagerhaus
Firetrucker Brewery
New Jersey Beer Co
Cerebral Brewing
Holidaily Brewing Company
Our Mutual Friend Brewing
Ceria Brewing Company
Joyride Brewing Company
Prost Brewing Company
Comrade Brewing Company
Lone Tree Brewing Company
Sanitas Brewing Company
Denver Beer Co
New Image Brewing
TRVE Brewing Co
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