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Woman Crush Wednesday: Emily Carter

A proud moment for any brewery is when they can make someone see a new world in a glass, but it is the people that make that a reality. The champions of a beer aren’t just the ones sitting at the bar or the pretty pictures of brews paraded across social media, but something so much more organic and honest: the beer ambassador.

Emily Carter is a well-known face at Bierstadt Lagerhaus for her jovial personality and easy-going flair that makes you want to order a litre of Helles just to continue chatting. But how did she come to be so interested in conveying her love of this beer? Like many of us, she had to go through her gradual bevolution. Enjoying beer is a social thing, but with her it is more familial. As she observed her sister, Ashleigh, head brewer and co-founder of Bierstadt, move along her career through other breweries, she got pulled along by the frothy spell as well. Eventually, Emily began to wonder why she bothered with all the other beers before. Moving through the assortment of beers available, she eventually landed on the Bierstadt Helles as the beer for her. She learned about her own standards for what beer must be and enjoying something that seems very rare now: beer-flavored beer.

Turning from a casual drinker to a true believer eventually brought Emily to the other side of the bar, she will gladly go through all of the flavors that come with every sip and why they matter. The ill-informed may look at the Slow Pour Pils and think that is a pricey light beer, but she presents it from the perspective of seeing a golden, delicious effervescence that can open up the mind of the average beer drinker. The brewer may make magic in the brewery, but it takes a special personality to bring that to every customer. Every brewery should have someone like Emily, dedicated to the perfect pour and the best experience possible. Prost to the beer advocates like her!

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