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Woman Crush Wednesday: Em Sauter

If you aren’t familiar with Pints and Panels, you are definitely depriving yourself of an excellent resource with a novel approach to education. For those who are familiar with it, here is a glimpse behind the panel of the artist, Em Sauter!

Em’s first moment where beer really caught her attention was with the Sam Adams White Ale, to which her first book is dedicated. It was a “game changer,” and although it is no longer a spring seasonal, she can still find it around the holidays to reminisce on that moment again.

It is very easy with social media to assume that someone is only a craft beer fan, but Pints and Panels is not Em’s only job! She also works the taproom and curbside pick-up for Fox Farm Brewery, a destination brewery in Connecticut. Perhaps it is their excellent lagers, or maybe Counter Weight Brewing’s Workhorse Pils that has her go-to as lagers. Won’t turn down a great cold IPA or hazy pale ale though!

Now how did those pints turn into panels? Inspired by the work of Archie comics, evolved her drawing and found her signature style at the nubile age of… 11! Obviously, hard to fathom the impact her artwork would have on beer culture; she strove to continue her education in the arts to eventually obtain her Masters in Fine Arts from the Center for Cartoon Studies (yes, that is a real place in Vermont). Inspired by the maturing craft beer scene in 2010 (for reference, the Alchemist brewpub opened in 2003), Pints and Panels was born and is now her full-time job.

Em reached out to the Brewers Association during the pandemic to see if they would be interested in doing a cartoon book. It was a surprise when they said yes! Filled with whimsy and excellent information for a student of craft beer at any level, she originally was focused on the art as a way to prepare for the Master Cicerone exam. Filled with excellent little hop pellets of info, this is a book to jump at for anyone looking to increase their knowledge from Em’s mind to your pint!



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