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Who's Up for a Guild-Tee Party?

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Guild-Tee Party was served at the annual Colorado Brewers Guild golf tournament— of which we are a proud sponsor— today! This beer also made its debut at both of Resolute’s tasting rooms in Arvada and Centennial this week.

Guild Tee Party was brewed to create the classic flavor profile of an Arnold Palmer, perfect for a late spring tee time. Brewed with Pilsen and Cologne malt from BSG, Carafoam from Weyermann Malt, and Orange Pekoe tea from The Tea Spot in Boulder; and hopped with Magnum hops and tea in the boil to begin the first steps of infusion.

The wort tasted like black tea but heavily sweetened. All of those fermentable sugars were broken down by Inland Island Golden Kolsch yeast to create an idyllic crispy profile. Whole lemon puree was added after fermentation. Best recommended to enjoy in collared shirts and well-coiffed lawns.

Resolute Brewing Company is a microbrewery located in Centennial, Colorado and a Tap Room & Cellar located in Arvada, Colorado. Our founders come from various walks of life, including finance, engineering, and accounting, but we resonate as one around our passion for community, great beer, and even greater people. Resolute is more than a brewery; it is a community of people and families enthusiastic about being a part of something bigger than themselves. Resolute's employees and culture imbue hospitality, social responsibility, and a love of the craft.

“Teaming up with Fermly for the CBG Tourney was a no-brainer. Emily and Danny provide an incredible service for us and many other breweries around the state,” says Andrew Duvall, Community & Sales Manager at Resolute Brewing. “Guild-Tee Party showcases their talents while celebrating a grand return to hanging out with all the awesome folks we so dearly missed in 2020. Ultimately, we miss doing kickass things with our friends in the industry, so we brewed about it! Also, the CBG helped us navigate so many obstacles throughout the pandemic by providing constant updates and guidance, while advocating for legislation such as direct-to-consumer deliveries. We would've been lost without them, so this beer is for the Executive Director Shawnee and company!”



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