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Woman Crush Wednesday: Julie Rhodes

Social media can be intimidating to say the least. It can boost awareness and sales, but also invite trolls and other (insert your personal derogatory term here) that wish to see you suffer! But only in the Metaverse, they don’t have the courage to actually confront issues in person, a shortcoming that they are successfully working through in therapy, right?

So we control what we can. But how? How do we learn the marketing game without hiring an extra employee? Or putting out thousands of dollars for a consultant? This is where Julie Sifford Rhodes strolls in with Not Your Hobby Marketing Solutions!

Most people run away from the service industry as soon as they have a diploma or degree, but Julie leaned into it. Working through most of school (and a bit after) as a server and bartender, she was exposed early on to what the beer world could have, eventually landing her an opportunity in supplier sales. Kismet didn’t happen hiding in a cubicle for this spunky budding entrepreneur! Fast forward over a decade later, and Julie now has organized educational courses, consulting, social media kits, and more to help any service business grow their presence in the competitive world of marketing without a degree.

When she isn’t meeting with clients or nurturing sprouting companies, she is also participating in:

-Pink Boots Society Denver Chapter (Chair)

-Brewer’s Association Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity Subcommittee

-Brewer’s Association Mentorship Program

-Safe Bars PACT

Motivated by the change she wants to see in the world, Julie continues to push for codes of conduct, inclusive hiring processes, behavior policies, etc. to help the industry diversify and protect members. Probably due to her experiences working in English and European style pubs, she probably does this all with a lager in hand.

Julie’s teaching courses and Mastermind groups are assets that anyone can sign up for and honestly, worth the value. How do we know? The Fermly team had to learn how to do the posting polka, and they turned to Julie for help with the steps (accordion not included). Content creation, posting schedules, goals, analyses, metrics… it has all made a difference. It got you here, didn’t it?



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