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This is a Tribute from Mirror Image and Fermly

Updated: Apr 4

Three brewers rocking out on the best toddler instruments available

In the annals of brewing lore, there exists a tale that rivals the epic narratives of ancient gods and mythical beasts. It's a tale of two intrepid travelers, beer testing lab Fermly and Mirror Image Brewing, hitchhiking down a long and lonesome road. All of a sudden there shined a shiny beer and it said "Make the best beer in the world!" And so, with the Tenacious D of true rock gods, they answered the call and set forth to make a steam beer: This is a Tribute.

Inspired by the legendary Anchor Steam of Anchor Brewing, "This is a Tribute" pays homage to America's original craft beer, born from the vibrant streets of San Francisco. Picture this: a time when refrigeration was but a dream, and brewers had to rely on the natural chill of the night air to cool their fermenting concoctions. In this setting, the magic of Steam Beer was born, its name a tribute to the wisps of steam that danced from brewery rooftops under the moonlit sky.

But what truly stands out with "This is a Tribute" isn't just its storied origins; it's the sensory symphony it brings to every sip. The crispness of a lager harmonizes with the complexity of an ale, creating a flavor profile that defies convention and delights the palate. From the first taste of mild malt sweetness to the crisp finish that leaves you longing for another pour, "This is a Tribute" is a testament to the artistry of brewing.

And let's not forget the hops – oh, those glorious Northern Brewer hops! They dance upon the tongue, adding a flourish of floral notes that elevate "This is a Tribute" to new heights of flavor perfection. It's a beer that doesn't just pay homage to its predecessors; it raises a toast to the future of craft brewing, where innovation and tradition collide in a glorious cacophony of taste.

So raise your glasses in tribute – the greatest and the best beer in the world. Celebrate the magic of Anchor Steam and the enduring legacy it has inspired. Cheers to bold flavors, legendary tales, and the eternal quest for brewing (and rockstar) greatness!

"This is a Tribute" will be available on Saturday March 20th, 2024, at Collaboration Fest put on by the Colorado Brewers Guild. It will be available after that on draft at the Mirror Image Brewing taproom in Frederick, CO.



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