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Quality in the brewery is more than running lab tests and getting numbers. With decades of experience in building breweries from the ground up, Fermly has the know-how and expertise to help you troubleshoot issues from brewhouse efficiencies to tracking down quality problems that may arise.


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Consulting over beers!

Frances Tietje-Wang

Frances has their Bachelor of Science in Biology and Chemistry from Le Moyne College in Syracuse, NY. They founded Fermly in 2018 and became a TTB-certified brewing chemist the same year. Frances is a Cicerone Certified Beer Server, provisional BJCP judge, and a Brewing and Malting Science certificate from the Master Brewers Association of the Americas. They volunteer in the MBAA DEI Committee and the ASBC Webinar Committee and teach as a Subject Matter Expert in the MBAA Brewing and Malting Science Course. They speak on a variety of subjects in the fermentation sciences, as well as raise money for nonprofits that elevate marginalized communities in the brewing industry. They are a passionate hiker, runner, and rock climber in preparation for the zombie apocalypse.

Consults for:

  • Laboratory set-up (instruments, workflow, specifications)

  • True-to-brand discussions (sensory and goals)

  • Quality management, governance, and culture

  • Audits and risk assessments

  • Food safety

  • Proactive opportunities to avoid reactive problems


Check out (some) of what Frances has been up to!


The Science Shaping Tomorrow’s Beer (10/20/2023)

Big Quality Energy: The Assurance to be Consistent (10/18/2023)

The People Behind Beer Quality (09/29/2023)

An Integrative Study of the Effects of Tunnel Pasteurization on Alcohol and Non-Alcohol Products (05/08/2023)

Science by Any Memes Necessary (10/17/2022)

Malternative Brewing: Usage of Enzymes to Maximize Extract and Profits (04/04/2022)

There’s an Enzyme for That! (03/03/2022)

IYKYK (02/26/2021)

Conditioning and the Canning Game (11/20/2020)

Spontaneously Fermented, Naturally Enjoyed (09/20/2020)

Dissolved Oxygen: The Molecular Conspiracy to Destroy Beer (06/24/2020)

Danny Wang

Danny earned his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Colorado State University in 2001. After years of providing therapy to computers abused by humans, Danny decided to pursue a career in craft beer. In 2011, CAUTION: Brewing Company opened as one of the first small craft breweries in Denver. As the craft brewing market changed, Danny decided to switch his focus to QA/QC and founded Fermly in 2018 with Emily. Danny is a Certified BJCP judge and an award winning brewer. He is an active member in the ASBC, MBAA, and the Colorado Brewers Guild. He has a weird love for capybaras. It’s bizarre.

Consults for:

  • On-site DO testing

  • Brewhouse/cellar troubleshooting

  • Process engineering

  • SOP guidance

  • Equipment optimization

  • Recipe formulation/fine-tuning

  • Brewery contaminations

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