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Rowley Farmhouse and Fermly make a "Ceremony" of Collaboration

Updated: Apr 4

If you are reading this, you are probably pretty aware of the significance of beer and other fermented beverages in human history. When we tap into the past, we see the integration of alcohol into social constructs that fostered community and religious rituals, forming important aspects of how society developed over 10 millennia. The only beverage that can compete on the same level of significance is… tea! Much like alcohol, tea is a revered beverage in several cultures and the source of discontent from time to time (think of that notorious Tea Party that helped start a Revolution in some country), but we can leave the history lesson for another time. After all, how do these two beverages mix together?

Danny Wang of Fermly (formerly CAUTION: Brewing Co.) and John Rowley start their story back with a GABF Pro-Am entry back in 2012. “Green Tease” Pale Ale (brewed with sencha and hojicha tea, oh, and sake yeast!) didn’t win a GABF medal that year, but managed to secure Best Pairing and Best Beer at that year’s Chef ‘N Brew festival/competition. Over the years, Danny and John have stayed in touch and with John building his dream brewery, Rowley Farmhouse Ales in Santa Fe, NM, a collab was bound to happen!

Moving on from the days of “Green Tease,” the roles have reversed with brewing being a commonplace event for Rowley and a special event for Wang. Collaborations between these two are not the usual fling, but a “Ceremony” with tea and beer taken with care. The tea was specially selected from the Tea Spot in Boulder, CO’s extensive portfolio for its novel blend of Japanese Sencha and Chinese Dragonwell. A clean beer would have been a simple adventure for this rice and malt-based beer, but with the addition of the particular Rowley mixed culture, a new experience is poured.

What we came up with is a dry finishing saison with classic phenolics and esters. The nose boasts wild strawberries and rhubarb flavors for a subtle twist. Luxurious aroma and brisk with vivid flavor, this brew ends with a dry and slightly hoppy finish. Pleasant acidity helps with bringing all the notes from mixed fermentation together for a wonderful, balanced sour beer. Where can I enjoy this beer and tea “Ceremony,” you ask? We’re proud to be a part of Weldwerks Invitational 2022 on June 25th in Greeley, CO, and bottles are available at the Rowley Farmhouse tasting room.


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