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Fermly Selects: Oil Man

We often select five different beers from five different breweries, but this year we decided to highlight the ingenuity of Elevation Beer Company with their Oil Man! Our friends in the Ark Valley elevate Stout Month with these dark, viscous beers so we are going to fan over them, starting with the original:

Oil Man - “This beer is named for my grandfather, a young entrepreneur who took on the booming oil industry in the 1950s which was dominated by large corporations. This beer is a toast to entrepreneurship, to taking on the big guys with big ideas and to all of you who have helped make our dreams possible.” - Carlin Walsh Co-founder of Elevation Brewing Co. Deep black pour with a perfect coffee-colored head, sweet maltiness and bourbon barrel notes dominate the nose. The malt profile continues through the palate from beginning to end with hints of chocolate, coffee, and of course, bourbon.

Coconut Oil Man - Aged with ten pounds per barrel of organic coconut, more than half of which was hand toasted to add rich, toasty notes to the beer.

Coffee Oil Man - Featuring freshly roasted Mexico Organic Cadena Tres Coffee from BV Roastery, strong coffee notes in flavor and aroma blend perfectly with the base beer.

Salted Caramel Oil Man - New variation for 2022, salt and caramel were added to the base beer, pairing perfectly with the chocolate and roasted notes. Imagine diving into a delicious salted caramel chocolate bar but in beer form!

Vanilla Oil Man - Tons of vanilla beans went into this beer, adding slight sweetness and wonderful vanilla notes to the beer.

We know it is the last day of Stout Month, but we hope you carry on some of these delectable creations through the rest of the frosty cold days!



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