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Meet Danny Wang: Fermly Co-Founder and Technologist

Updated: May 4, 2021

Say hello to Danny Wang, Fermly's Information Architect!

Danny's journey began at Colorado State University, where he pursued a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. His degree was perfectly complemented with his pursuit of delicious beer and the mastery of not wasting a single drop, even when falling down the stairs. Known for having the perfect keg of craft beer (usually Odell or New Belgium), he became quite popular but also known for not settling for the standard 30 rack.

Graduating into the midst of corporate advertising culture, Danny quickly moved up the IT ladder. First steps were at The Integer Group, where Coors was a client, which definitely played a role in some homebrew motivation. What started off as a terrible first batch (per his own words), grew into a passion that quickly propelled him into pursuing further education in beer. As his career evolved, so did his brewing experience and his palate, eventually achieving Certified level credentials in the Beer Judge Certification Program (one of 7,733 active international judges). CAUTION: Brewing Company was no longer just a name for his homebrew, but became a commercial company producing classic styles with a spice and tea edge inspired by Danny’s heritage. When he made the leap to Factory Design Labs, he was not just a Systems Administrator with the savvy to solve almost any IT problem, but also a trailblazer in the brewing industry. Factory did not need to worry about having good beer available in the office because they knew one of their employees was making great beer!

Feeling the draw of the brewhouse more so than a server room, Danny moved on from the regular IT life to dedicate himself whole-heartedly to CAUTION: and the expansion of the brand. The brewery expanded to two taprooms, eventually forgoing one of these to focus on a production facility. Exploring the early days of small brewery canning practices, Danny started with developing an intimate knowledge of a Wild Goose WGC-250 that went by the apropos name, Canfucious. It did not take long before he had moved on from grasshopper to master of the canning and distribution game, and this knowledge would come in handy a few pints later.

Danny now uses his unique perspective as owner, brewer, and entrepreneur to help people at every level of the brewing community. He manages the Fermly data platform and uses the information tracked to have a comprehensive conversation where he frequently spends hours on the phone discussing processes, ingredients, personnel, and equipment to help solve problems that affect quality. Locally, Danny travels for on-site dissolved oxygen checks and packaging support. From the keyboard to the canning line to the bottom line, he is someone that has streamlined all of his knowledge for the purpose of helping breweries and we are lucky to have him on the Fermly team!

Don't miss Danny's appearances on ourInstagram story! Cheers!



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