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Fermly and Mockery Brewing Collaboration - Malt Kink Milk Stout

Emily Wang, the founder of Fermly, was fortunate to receive a scholarship to the Master Brewers Association of Americas’ Brewing and Malting Science Course in the final quarter of 2021. The course was motivating and has given her access to knowledge and resources that she looks forward to bringing back to the Rocky Mountain District. Still, the most significant benefit is the community of friends that she created! The puns flew, and the conversation was never lacking, but the most hilarious moment perhaps was about chewing malt that resulted in the aptly named beer: MALT KINK.

During one or too many drinks with friends at Mockery Brewing, this beer was suggested to become a collaboration beer with Fermly. Mockery Brewing has enjoyed playing with adjuncts and various styles while nestled in the River North area. Heck, they had a beer named BDSM; why not do Malt Kink! To be kink-clusive, over 40 different malts were added to this milk stout, including acidulated! Thanks to:

Briess Malting (sample kit from the course)

The malts were added to the Simpson’s chocolate malt, Root Shoot English Pale Malt, and Weyerman Carafa Special III, fermented with yeast from Inland Island, with the addition of lactose, blueberries, and macadamia nuts. The fruit notes initially support the caramel, chocolate aroma, and blueberries, but the macadamia nuts finish it. Well-balanced malt flavors with blueberry jam coming out towards the end.

Malt Kink is available in Mockery’s taproom!



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