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Brewery Spotlight: Goldspot Brewing Co

Goldspot Brewing Co. has put the community at the forefront of their mission in the brewing industry. Holding multiple fests that support various charities and non-profits, including, but not limited to, One Colorado, Girls Inc, Black is Beautiful, Conservation Colorado, and Queer Asterisk. Goldspot is defined by quality people determined to make quality beer to support non-profits for changing the world.

Head brewer and owner Kelissa Heiber leads the charge with innovative recipe development, education, and outreach. Like most brewers, she doesn’t skimp on challenging and educating herself, especially when it comes to sensory. Understanding sensory is the first step in a quality program that anyone can do, but Heiber realized in her course that she was not as sensitive to diacetyl as other off-flavors.

Diacetyl, frequently described as buttery, movie theater popcorn, oil slick, and many less than appetizing descriptions, is a byproduct of fermentation. Yeast made the mess and will eventually clean it up, but like a hungover 20-something, they sometimes aren’t in much of a rush to clean up after the sugar party the night before. To ensure that diacetyl is not an issue, Fermly’s services for vicinal diketone (VDK) checks are regularly utilized by Heiber.

“We are a small brewery, so having a true lab would be impossible to fit, and that isn't my educational background. It’s important to hire lab professionals or hire for things that matter that are out of your skillset.” It isn’t just brewing; it is business for Heiber. Tank time is money, and assurance that a beer is ready to move helps the overall flow of operations and streamlines the brewing process without sacrificing quality. Considering that a good chunk of that money is going back into the community, maintaining quality beer is not just a source of pride; it is necessary to fulfill Goldspot’s mission.



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