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Fermly Selects: 5 Beers to Take Pride In

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

As queer and ally-owned, the Fermly team is committed to supporting businesses and other companies that celebrate Pride and diversity all year round. Breweries are centers for community with the opportunity to raise awareness and reach for equality, and some have come out with excellent beers this particular month and we want you to get those pours and cans!

TURBOFAN made a grand return at Black Project Beer this year! This solera sour ale is funky with grapefruit and stone fruit flavors. Available in cans and on draft in the taproom on Broadway, this beer supports One Colorado. They are the leading advocacy organization in Colorado for the LQBTQ+ community through lobbying in political realms for safe schools, transgender equality, relationship recognition, and more!

Loud and Proud from Novel Strand Brewing is an unfiltered hoppy beer with Citra, Nectaron, and Vic Secret. This beer is popping with the flavors of mango and pineapple with an extra lychee spin. This brewery is known for nailing some great hazy IPAs, but this one comes with the added benefit of a donation to Joy as Resistance, an organization dedicated to providing mental health and wellness services to youths in the LGBTQAI+ community. Can be found in cans and on draft in the taproom in the Baker neighborhood.

Lady Justice Brewing has a solid lineup of beers, but this writer’s favorite is the Poet Kӧlsch, done in partnership with muralist Chelsea Lewinski. Enjoying the lightness of cherries with this classic style in front of a mural including Dolores Huerta, Marsha P. Johnson, and Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, how could one *not* be inspired to be a better advocate in their community for equal rights? If atmosphere, art, and quality beer aren’t enough of a draw then consider that this is a female and queer-owned business dedicating time, money, and space to nonprofits empowering women and girls. Get to South Colfax ASAP to check them out!

Rising Voyces brewed by Woods Boss Brewing is a DDH hazy IPA made with pink peppercorns. This beer is hopped with Callista, Citra, and Centennial hops! The pink peppercorn addition lends a distinctly fruited yet peppercorn forward aroma. Well balanced between flavor and hop flavors, this beer is for the NEIPA fan looking for something that stands out from the crowd. . As part of the collaborative brewing project Makin’ Noise, sales of this beer will support the nonprofit Project Voyce. In an innovative approach, Project Voyce partners with youth to create transformational leadership to address the causes of inequity through building equitable youth-adult partnerships. This beer will be available in cans and on draft in the taproom near Coors Field.

The last beer, Guanabana Be My Lover, is a collaboration beer between Fermly and Goldspot Brewing Co. An unconventional fruit choice makes this beer diverse in flavors, darting from mango to star fruit to pineapple and beyond. A citrus kick from Simcoe and Nelson hops rounds this beer out, but the extra kick comes in with supporting Queer Asterisk. Dedicated to mental health with queer-informed counseling, educational training, and other resources, Queer Asterisk was chosen by the teams to benefit from the sale of this beer. Available in cans and on draft in the taproom in the Tennyson neighborhood!

Don’t have time to hit up all of these breweries? That is totally fine because on June 27th you can try some of these beers (and many more) at the inaugural Big Queer Beerfest! A dollar for every pour goes to an organization supporting LGBTQAI+ and/or BIPOC. Come join in the diversity and inclusivity rager!



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