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Fermly Recommends: The Botany of Beer

Updated: Feb 13

Written by: Giuseppe Caruso with foreword by Marika Josephson

"The Botany of Beer" by Giuseppe Caruso is a comprehensive exploration of the intricate relationship between plants and the world of beer. This scholarly work meticulously catalogs over 500 beer-relevant plants, providing a deep dive into their botanical properties and potential applications in brewing.

Caruso's approach is both systematic and thorough. Each plant is presented with detailed scientific information, including alternate names, geographical origins, chemical compositions, and their relevance to brewing. The book’s strength lies in its encyclopedic nature, offering an exhaustive reference for botanists, beer chemists, and enthusiasts eager to understand the complex botanical tapestry woven into every pint. It leans heavily towards the scientific aspects, lacking discussion on the transformation of beer's taste or aroma when specific plants are added, but it does give direction to styles they have been seen in. The book stands as a valuable resource for those with a keen interest in the intricate world of botanical brewing and for further research with the inclusion of the bibliography and links, providing avenues for further exploration for readers intrigued by the nuances of botany and brewing.

In summary, "The Botany of Beer" is a scholarly endeavor that enriches the understanding of the botanical foundations of brewing. It may not cater to light readers, but for enthusiasts thirsty for in-depth knowledge, this book offers a substantial, well-researched, and organized resource, making it a significant addition to the library of anyone deeply engrossed in the world of beer.



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