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Fermly and Woods Boss Brewing - The Earl

Most brewer friendships start off over a good beer together, not over a beer name. More specifically, whether a beer could have the same name as another beer in the same city. Fortunately, a well-meaning email was taken as intended and a friendship was brewed up between Caution: Brewing Co. and Woods Boss Brewing Co. that has extended to Fermly as well.

The Earl was a Caution: flagship for years with the idyllic can label involving a monocle and a mustache that was distributed throughout Denver. However, when Woods Boss was still under construction, their starting beer release lineup included a double IPA named Earl The Trail God. A friendly call between Danny and Woods Boss co-owner/founder Jordan Fink resulted in The Earl being taken out of the name, but not out of the conversation. From there, a beautiful friendship was built without the shabby foundation of a cease and desist.

Fast forward a few years after, we’ve moved away from Caution Brewing and into Ferml which gave us the wonderful opportunity to brew this wonderful English Mild essentially dry-hopped with Earl Grey Tea and Sweet Orange Peel as a collaboration with Woods Boss! Sticking to the original recipe, The Earl speaks to you with bergamot, vanilla, and black tea notes in a light-bodied session beer that will remind you of having a mug of Earl Grey tea that would make Captain Jean Luc Picard stoically jealous. An honorable mention at World Beer Cup 2016 in the Herb & Spice category, The Earl is a truly special beer that is only back on tap for a limited time!



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