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Fermly and Joyride Brewing - Party with Caution

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

The Fermly and Joyride teams have a long history of shenanigans since….well, the beginning. The first brewery in Edgewater opened their doors in 2014 when they joined the ever growing list of breweries in Colorado, and we’ve been friends ever since. From collaborations to beer festivals, Joyride has been an integral part of our community and we couldn’t be more proud to brew a collaboration beer with them to celebrate what would have been CAUTION: Brewing’s 10th anniversary!

Did you know that the Fermly team brewed beer? Like, lots of beer. CAUTION: Brewing Company opened in 2011 as one of Denver’s first small craft breweries, and while we pivoted in 2018 to start Fermly, our roots have always been in craft brewing and being a part of this community. In addition to knowing the science behind the beers, we bring knowledge from years of brewery ownership into every conversation with brewers that we work with to help them make the best beers they can. Our collabs are probably our favorite way to show this to the community, mostly because one person brews and Emily INSISTS on graining out. Every. Freaking. Time.

Polyamberous Amber is about the closest you can get to a classic American amber ale! This amber has a light roast and biscuity malt aroma accented with slight citrus and floral dry hop notes of Centennial hops. With the light addition of Cascade hops, this beer has a distinct American style hop finish that balances perfectly with the lightly roasted flavors of biscuit and crystal malts. Tested at 5.2% ABV, with the perfect amber coloring made famous by some of the original pioneering craft brewers in Colorado. Polyamberous Amber was CAUTION: Brewing's summer go-to brew, and we re-brewed it to celebrate our 10 year anniversary of being in the brewing scene!

We are proud to release Polyamberous Amber on 6/19/2021 draft only at Joyride Brewing. Cheers to everyone who supported all the small craft breweries along the way, and we raise a toast to the next decade in the industry!



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