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Fermly and Jade Mountain Brewery & Teahouse - Lao Wang Lager

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

10 years ago on June 19th, 2011, Denver’s 10th (to our best knowledge, in Denver proper) brewery served their first pint of beer at Lao Wang Noodle House. Fast forward to 2021 and the craft brewing scene has changed tremendously, CAUTION: Brewing Co. pivoted in 2018 to become Fermly and stopped brewing, instead focusing on promoting quality in the craft brewing community.

We have always said you can’t keep a good beer down (it’s true, we said that on one of our last posts as a brewery), and we think we’re lucky to still be in this thriving industry. With a number of collaboration brews already under our belt as Fermly, we entertained the idea of bringing back some of our fan favorite flagship beers back as one-off collaborations.

Lao Wang Lager was brewed with secret spices made famous in mom and dad’s beef noodle soup, and we made every effort to brew a faithful recreation of the original. Brewed with Augustiner lager yeast from Germany, Lao Wang Lager has a delicate balance between crisp lager qualities and subtle soup spice notes. Time and patience goes a long way to brewing this beer the right way, but lucky for us, we found the perfect collaborating brewery with Jade Mountain Brewery & Teahouse!

Sean Guerrero, the owner and head brewer at Jade Mountain, started making beer in a small tea house in south China. Adept at using unique ingredients indigenous to the China and South Asia area, his unique and amazing beers are truly something to experience. With a talent for paying homage to classic styles by turning them on its head through exotic adjuncts, we couldn’t have found a better brewer to work with to bring our original back one more time.

Lao Wang Lager will be available on tap and 16oz cans on-site only starting 8/6/21. Head to Jade Mountain Brewery & Teahouse and crush one of the OGs in Denver!



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