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Fermly and Fiction Beer Study Hall with Chemical Structures

Updated: Apr 4

Step into the world of brewing chemistry with Fermly and Fiction Beer Company's latest creation – Chemical Structures, a coffee cake English Porter inspired by Bonnie Garmus' "Lessons in Chemistry." This unique beer isn't just about flavor; it's a celebration of the intricate chemical processes that transform simple ingredients into a complex and satisfying beverage.

At the heart of this brew are three key chemical structures: glucose, ethanol, and caffeine. Glucose, or C6H12O6, acts as the fuel source for yeast during fermentation. As the yeast consumes glucose, it produces ethanol, the beloved C2H6O, which is responsible for the intoxicating effects of alcoholic beverages. Unlike a sugar rush in children, the conversion of glucose to ethanol results in a product that adults savor, with each sip delivering a delightful buzz.

But it's not just about the alcohol content; it's also about the intricate interplay of flavors and aromas. Ethanol interacts with saliva to unlock protein pockets, releasing aromatic compounds that tantalize the senses. This results in a balanced harmony of hops and malt, with toasty and toffee notes complemented by hints of bitter chocolate complexity.

And then there's caffeine, the final piece of the puzzle. With the chemical formula C8H10N4O2, caffeine is renowned for its stimulating properties. While typically associated with beverages like tea and coffee, Fiction and Fermly has ingeniously incorporated caffeine into their porter, creating a beverage that not only delights the taste buds but also invigorates the mind. By increasing metabolism in the brain and triggering the release of dopamine, caffeine adds an extra layer of pleasure to each sip, making it the perfect pick-me-up for any occasion.

In essence, Chemical Structures is more than just a beer; it's a textbook in liquid form, offering a captivating lesson in brewing chemistry with every pour. Inspired by Gramus' exploration of scientific principles of creating delicious moments, this porter embodies the artistry of fermentation, transforming ordinary ingredients into an extraordinary libation. With each glass, beer enthusiasts are treated to a sensory journey that educates, entertains, and ultimately leaves them craving for more. Let its rich flavors and complex aromas transport you to a world where chemistry meets craftsmanship, and every sip is a lesson in the science of brewing.

Beertender, set the coasters. Your customer needs a minute.

Cheers to the perfect blend of science and satisfaction!

Chemical Structures will be available at the Fiction Beer taproom starting on February 16th, 2024!



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