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Fermly Selects: More than Basic Pumpkin Beers

As quintessential to fall as a Spirit Halloween store that opened up in that mostly vacant strip mall, pumpkin ales are a great way to finally accept that seltzer season has departed. While browsing the post-Halloween sales for next year’s costume inspiration (but it is just going to be Hocus Pocus again, isn’t it?) follow it up with one of these excellent pumpkin beers!

Pumpkin Ale from Upslope Brewing is a perfect example of a no-nonsense pumpkin beer. Brewed with baby bear pumpkins and additional pie spices, it is not too sweet and has a lightness that doesn’t hint at the 7.7% ABV. A previous gold medal winner at Great American Beer Fest, it is worth searching out this limited release or taking a trip to their taproom in Boulder.

Another great beer to drink while watching the North Face jackets show up is Pump Action from 4 Noses Brewing. Another gold medal winner (World Beer Cup and Great American Beer Fest) this imperial pumpkin ale conveys a bit of alcohol warmth with the nutmeg, allspice, clove, and pumpkin puree.

Seasonal beers are great, but what about GLUTEN-FREE seasonal beer?! Yup, we got the dietary restricted people covered in this post with Holidaily Brewing’s Patchy Waters. Made with millet and buckwheat in a certified gluten-free facility, everyone can enjoy an alcoholic pumpkin pie in a glass. Come for the aroma and flavor of fall, stay for the better gut biome.

Is your fall joy hidden in a white cup with a notable green logo, claiming it is black coffee but we all know what is really in there. Spice Trade Brewing Company has this covered with #PSL. Brewed with Novo Coffee beans, lactose, vanilla, and of course pumpkin and spices, get proudly caffeinated with this cross between coffee and pumpkin beer.

Did you know that today is Diwali, the festival of lights? A celebration of light over dark that originated in India, it is apropos to celebrate with Punky Masala from New Terrain Brewing! Using Garam Masala soup spices in addition to cardamom, cumin, clove, and cinnamon, this beer is dry and savory. A pumpkin beer that is unexpected but will take your palate on an excellent journey.

Pumpkin anything gets mocked quite a bit, but in the spirit of Diwali, let’s choose knowledge over ignorance. Try one of these amazing beers and benefit from understanding why they have an incredible following to the point that there is this much variety!



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