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Fermly Recommends: Building a Sensory Program

Author: Pat Fahey

Why you should buy it: From homebrewer to professional, developing a sensory program is critical to success. There are many resources available, but this book is possibly the most useful compendium of knowledge and advice that anyone can use to understand and curate quality brews.

What’s inside: Succinctly and accurately written out into tasty bits of knowledge, it starts off detailing what quality control is in the context of a sensory proram. It flows into the senses, the biases, and how to evaluate with all of this in mind. Recommended ways of testing (think true-to-target as well as statistical analysis) as well as how to identify certain off-flavors. The book details the importance of environment, which highlights that the taproom may not be the best option, especially if brewing is in process. How does one select panelists? How should they be trained to be an exceptional asset for sensory? Moving on from analyzing if a beer is true-to-brand, consider how this knowledge can be applied to shelf life and blending beers.

Take it to the next level: Using apps like DraughtLab for tracking sensory analyses or a brewery platform like Beer30 that have a sensory aspect.

Beer drank while writing this: Jagged Mountain Brewing Company flight

  • I love you so Mochi - Rice DIPA with dragonfruit and plum

  • High Country Harvest - Peach cobbler sour with peaches, vanilla, cinnamon, and nutmeg

  • Super Sticky Icky - West Coast DIPA with fresh Strata hops

  • Birthday Suit - Imperial stout with vanilla, birthday cake, and sprinkles



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