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Fermly Recommends: Brewing with Cannabis

Author: Keith Villa

Why you should buy it: Many homebrewers have experimented with adding THC and CBD to beer, but never before has a book been written for the express purpose of streamlining this process with education. As more states move towards legalization, there is an increase in the desire to learn about how to brew beers with cannabis safely.

What’s inside: Are you new to the cannabis movement or have been participating recreationally or medicinally for a while? Regardless, there is a good bit here about the history of cannabis in the United States and the racist roots of much of it. Villa also goes through the biology of the plant, compares it to hops, and how to properly grow the cannabis plant.

But what are the recommended ways for adding cannabis to beer? There is even a section on proper packaging, labeling, and meeting federal requirements for professionals, with examples provided. All should keep in mind: alcohol and cannabis should NOT be combined in a beverage.

Take it to the next level: This book also includes recipes for making cannabis brews at home! Experiment and impress your homebrew buddies with something unique. Additional options are to brew a non-alcoholic beer without the hops.

Beer drank while writing this: Ceria’s Infused Grainwave



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