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Brewery Spotlight: Woods Boss Brewing Co.

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Woods Boss Brewing Company’s goal is to have a craft beer on tap for every guest, regardless of their palate or style preference. Known for a constantly rotating tap list, this community-focused brewery in Denver’s Five Points neighborhood releases everything from crisp lagers to barrel-aged Belgian Quads.

Fun fact: The original pilot brewhouse from CAUTION: Brewing Company now lives at Woods Boss Brewing. This small system supports Woods Boss’ recipe development of the rainbow of craft beer styles that they always have on tap.

To further expand their offerings beyond draft, Woods Boss’ co-owners Chad Moore (Director of Business Operations) and Jordan Fink (Director of Brewing Operations) recently set their sights on moving more significantly into packaged beer. But packaging presents a whole new set of challenges when it comes to QC, so we sat down with Jordan to catch up on all things beer quality.

“As a taproom-focused brewery, historically we were able to keep a close eye on our beer and address issues immediately if anything came up. Now that we’re putting our beer into cans and sending them out into the world, quality assurance is even more crucial for us. Working with Fermly and being able to run lab tests before, during, and after each batch keeps us confident in our beer’s quality and consistency out in the market.”

Regardless if a beer is packaged or on draft, Fermly’s independent lab services have helped Woods Boss keep their beer quality in check. “We have limited space and can’t have our own beer laboratory,” Fink explains. “So we were in the market for a company that specialized in craft brewery lab services. Fermly has been a fantastic resource to perform the testing that we’re unable to do onsite. Whether it’s ABV testing so that we can report accurately, or VDK to make sure we’re not at risk of developing Diacetyl, Fermly allows us to fine tune our QA for each specific beer release.”

Quality control is a critical component of the brewing process, but it doesn’t have to come with an investment in expensive equipment, technical expertise, or tons of available space. By working with the TTB certified team at Fermly, Woods Boss has been able to troubleshoot and understand their beer’s microbiology on a deeper scientific level (and at an affordable price too). That leaves them with more time to focus on what they do best: brewing handcrafted beers across a wide range of styles. Learn more about Woods Boss’ current offerings at

Photos courtesy of RadCraft



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