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Brewery Spotlight: Westfax Brewing Co

Updated: Apr 4

WestFax Brewing, nestled next to Casa Bonita on Colfax in Denver, has not only mastered the art but has also harnessed the power of science to elevate a mile high. Antony Martuscello, Founder and President of WestFax Brewing, graciously shared insights into the brewery's journey, highlighting the invaluable role played by Fermly, a leading provider of brewing quality control services.

Martuscello spoke candidly about Fermly's impact on the quality of their beer. "We've been able to optimize recipe formulation to better match what information we're communicating to the consumer, for example IBUs and ABV," he explained. This optimization has enabled WestFax to strike the perfect balance in their hop-forward beers, ensuring harmony between alcohol, bitterness, and dry hop rate. Fermly's services extend beyond conventional testing, with CO2 and dissolved O2 analysis ensuring that WestFax's processes are not just in check but operating at the highest standards. The information provided by a third-party lab has become key to progressive fermentation, helping WestFax understand and achieve the ideal balance for their beers.

Fermly's subscription service emerged as a game-changer for WestFax, streamlining their quality control process. "I don't have to buy any of the expensive equipment, and they do the work for me," Martuscello expressed. This not only saves on costs but allows WestFax to focus on how they connect with the community (GO BILLS!).

Beyond the professional aspect, Martuscello shared his appreciation for working with Fermly's team. "Great people and always willing to help by tasting beer, providing feedback, or bouncing ideas off of. Plus, they're local!" he enthused. Martuscello's final words resonate with the dedication to excellence that defines both WestFax and Fermly: "In a crowded CO beer market, the quality of our product is paramount, so it's worth the small investment to subscribe with Fermly."



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