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Brewery Spotlight: New Jersey Beer Co.

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

New Jersey Beer Co believes that good products come from good people. They pride themselves in going above and beyond for their customers and community. Part of this promise includes prioritizing quality control above all else. But it’s one thing to say you care about QC, and it’s another thing entirely to have the actual numbers to back it up! That’s precisely why the New Jersey Beer Co team turns to Fermly Craft Beer Laboratory. “Every time we connect with the Fermly crew, we learn something new about brewing science. They started by performing ABV, IBU, and bacteria testing on our beer, but our relationship has blossomed to now include SOPs and other industry best practices as well,” says Paul Harlan, Sales and Marketing Manager for New Jersey Beer Co.

The brewery is part of the Fermly family, which helps their team have a process in place for every single batch they can or keg. This gives New Jersey Beer Co the comfort of knowing when their craft beer hits the market, it is the best possible quality and will have great shelf stability (looking at you, hazies!) Partnering with Fermly is just one outward example of New Jersey Beer Co’s commitment to quality, and they are laser focused in turning out perfect beer every time.

As for the “good people” part of their brewery’s motto, Paul says Fermly fits in seamlessly. “We are fortunate to be in an industry with great vendors, but Emily and Danny stand out among the bunch as extremely responsive and caring. The term ‘vendor’ would not be right for the team at Fermly, we consider them partners. They’re the best independent lab and are critical to our success.”

And critical, they are indeed. Many small or medium sized breweries simply do not have the space or resources to conduct QC testing on the same level that a 3rd party lab like Fermly can. Without a quality assurance partner, breweries of this size risk having products hit the shelf that are over pressurized, funky, or oxidized. In order to build a consistent and loyal customer base, a reliable product is required! That’s why testing their beers with Fermly puts New Jersey Beer Co at ease. They know exactly what is going out to the market, which allows them to keep their focus where it belongs: on their happy customers. Learn more about New Jersey Beer Co’s lineup at



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