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Brewery Spotlight: Joyride Brewing

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

In 2014, Joyride Brewing opened across from Sloan’s Lake in Denver’s historic Edgewater neighborhood and quickly became a local staple. Last year, Joyride opened their highly anticipated rooftop patio space that overlooks Sloan’s Lake with a view of Denver’s skyline.

Beyond creating a one-of-a-kind experience for their guests, Joyride has long committed to quality with their QA/QC program. In fact, they were one of our first partners at Fermly. “My primary reason for signing up initially was to test our barrel aged and fruit beers to ensure the ABVs we were quoting were accurate,” says Joyride co-founder Dave Bergen. “What I became a big fan of, however, was getting some of our flagships tested on a somewhat frequent basis and seeing how they differ from batch to batch. Being able to have all that data readily available on the dashboard is super convenient and has helped us make more consistent beer. When we identify outliers, we analyze where it may have come from and make adjustments to our processes.”

Bergen says he also likes getting Joyride’s water tested regularly so he can gauge mineral and pH inconsistencies, and adjust accordingly.

“Like a lot of breweries out there, we quickly made the pivot to start canning some of our beer when the pandemic hit,” Bergen says. “It was something I had never planned on doing, and I was actually adamantly opposed to under normal circumstances. But the prospect of beer going stale in our tank rather than going out the door was enough to get me to change my tune. I believe an accurate ABV on a package is an important factor for the consumer when deciding whether they're going to purchase your product, and I wanted to make sure that if anyone ever claimed we had an inaccurate number, we'd have the lab numbers to back us up.”

Joyride now uses Fermly’s testing services on flagships and single batches alike. “We've always made a lot of one-offs and still do,” Bergen adds. “While getting the numbers back on those beers aren't quite as "interesting" as something we've made before that we can compare to, it's still great and vital information.”

Learn more about Joyride Brewing and find their beer to-go options here.



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