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A Brewer and a Chemist Walk Into A Bar

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Hello brewers! We’re Danny and Emily Wang, and we launched Fermly to make your beer better. Our third party

beer lab is a quality control and assurance solution for craft breweries far and wide.

Danny is a former systems engineer turned brewer. His passion for the craft eventually led him to co-found CAUTION: Brewing Company, Denver’s 10th microbrewery launched in 2011. Emily has a long history in the sciences varying from marine to food to medical, eventually finding a community and industry that she adored in craft beer. Emily aptly used her knowledge and skill to become a TTB-certified chemist and industry writer. Fermly is our professional love letter to the industry.

Just like you, we prioritize the importance of QA/QC and data protection, and we also realize how expensive it can be. We’ve experienced the crushing agony of dumping a batch of beer and not completely knowing why it happened. That’s why we offer an affordable subscription for testing services so that you have actionable data through every step in the brewing process. We believe that knowledge should be given freely, so we do not charge for consultations, advice, or discussions— preferably over a beer!

“Fermly is designed to provide macrobrewery level lab and quality services to every craft brewer” says Danny. “At the end of the day, we all just want to help everyone make the best beers they can and provide the science and knowledge affordably.”

Thoughts? Feelings? We’re here to help.



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