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Fermly Selects: 5 Beers for Cinco De Mayo

It is Cinco De Mayo today, which celebrates a victory of the Mexican Army in the Franco-Mexican War, otherwise known as Battle of Puebla Day. We have a wonderful Latino community here, so we chose today to highlight some of our favorite breweries, and beers that help make the beer scene more inclusive and delicious.

Celebración is a bière de champagne from Raíces Brewing, starts us off here with its effervescent and crushable qualities. Designed to be sessionable, this will be a staple for 2021 as we push from spring showers (and occasional snow because… Colorado) into summer sun but more importantly, it is the ideal beer to sit and enjoy the atmosphere of the brewery. Designed specifically to bring the community together by a husband and wife team to be a cultural center through food, music, entertainment, as well as education, this beer is only one of many brewed here that is more than a beverage, but an opportunity to be more, and that is worthy of celebration.

Mexican Chocolate Stout, a repeated medal winner from Copper Kettle Brewing, this beer, and its many variants are highly desirable for those that enjoy dark malt with a kick of not just spice, but locally sourced chocolate. Served slightly warm at 50℉ to not just enhance the malty chocolate flavors, one can also feel the burn from the ancho, habanero, and guajillo peppers. Alluring in complexity, this should always be snatched up when the opportunity presents itself.

Cultural Convergence is an imperial margarita gose that is produced by dog-friendly Coal Mine Ave Brewing. “Lose the Leash” here on what you thought a gose could or should taste like with this aggressively high ABV sour companioned with watching dogs romp in a private dog park. A little-known but much-loved member of the sour family, this salty one is idyllic with jalapeno, cilantro, and lime flavors abounding with agave nectar sweetness.

Mexican Logger, inspired by the founders of Ska Brewing’s love of Pacifico, is another award winner but in the Pilsner category. Fermented using yeast from Mexico City, this beer is biscuity with a delicate hop profile to not overpower the sensitive maltiness. Perfect on its own or with a lime, it is no surprise that this “logger” has been a flagship for over 20 years!

Chicha Inti is not really a beer, but more of an experience that must be sought out, and luckily for us locally, Dos Luces Brewery is here for it! Chicha is an often fermented beverage made with maize and at this brewery is inspired by Inca traditions. Staying local, they use malted blue corn with clove to create an enjoyable drink that is well-balanced and gluten-free.



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